Robert Shingler

Bob Shingler is Managing Director of KMJ Partners, LLC, an advisory firm he founded in 2003. He is recognized for his expertise in quickly summing up a business – its strategy, financials, technology, marketing and competitive position – then implementing the right plans to accelerate top and bottom-line success.

In addition to its core business, KMJ Partners entered into an agreement with Vistage Worldwide in 2018 where Bob agreed to recruit and form a CEO Peer Advisory Board in Portland Oregon in support of the local business community.  Bob launched this group in June 2019 and serves as Chair and executive coach for a select group of 16 SMB CEOs, Presidents and business owners from a wide variety of industries.  This group was filled to capacity in the spring of 2020 and another is being formed to serve the continued need of CEO support in these challenging times.    

Bob began his career as one of the first 100 employees of BellSouth Corporation when the company was divested from AT&T in 1983. He was responsible for Merger & Acquisition analysis and valuation as the company expanded into new lines of business. Later, he was responsible for financial planning for BellSouth Enterprises, a domestic and international portfolio of companies representing the majority of BellSouth’s market capitalization of over $80B. As an executive for BellSouth International in the 1990’s, Bob served on the board of directors of multinational joint ventures in Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America where he actively worked with management to develop value creation plans to improve operating performance. He lived in Europe for four years serving as BellSouth’s board representative and operating executive overseeing various joint ventures and later as Deputy CEO of a multi-billion dollar wireless operator in Denmark.  Upon his return from Europe in the late 90’s, Bob raised funding from BellSouth Ventures to start a national broadband ISP, the only DSL service ever offered by BellSouth outside of its region.

Bob has also served as President or CEO of multiple technology service companies ranging from startup businesses to billion dollar nationwide enterprises, excelling in his ability to deliver rapid results to companies in need of new direction. Through his corporate leadership and KMJ Partners, Bob has developed and implemented growth strategies and turnaround plans for investors in a variety of industries including manufacturing, telecom, data networking and storage, wireless, and software - delivering over $2 billion in equity returns to date.

Bob holds a MBA in Finance from Georgia State University, a BS in Business and Computer Science from Vanderbilt University and is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. He is an avid racing sailor and FAA certified Commercial Pilot with single/multi engine ratings and instrument privileges.